What is a Union?

Leeds University Union is the students’ union at the University of Leeds.

In simple terms, a students’ union is an independent organisation that exists to represent students and their interests to the university, as well as on a local and national scale, giving them a voice on the things that matter to them.

LUU is run by seven student Exec Officers who are elected each year by the members of the Union, and supported by a team of dedicated staff.

What do we do?

Help you love your time at Leeds

Students’ unions also take the lead with extracurricular activities, meaning it’s us who provide the fun stuff that goes alongside your studies. From clubs and societies to events and nightlife, LUU provides a wide range of activities to help you love your time at Leeds.

To find out more and see what’s on, visit our main website.

Support your academic achievement

One of the ways in which LUU works for you is by representing your academic interests.

Our Help and Support team are always on hand to provide advice and support regarding your studies. Whether you want to appeal a mark, need help applying for mitigating circumstances or are looking at making a complaint against the University, we’re here to make sure you’re well supported to achieve to the best of your ability.

LUU is also home to School Reps. These reps are appointed to represent the voice of all students within a school. They help create student-led change by attending meetings and lobbying stakeholders to ensure you’re receiving the best possible academic experience within your school.

Provide somewhere to relax and socialise on campus

All of LUU’s services are housed in one big building, conveniently located at the heart of campus. (Find us on Google Maps)

Here, you’ll find all things food, drink, friends and fun, as well as our Help Desk, and spaces to book out for your club and society needs. Your Exec team and LUU’s permanent staff are based here too.

So whether you’re after a relaxing coffee or lunch on the go, a night out with friends or even your weekly shop, you’ll find what you’re looking for in the Union building. Take a look at all our outlets and see what’s on offer here.

Help you make friends and discover new activities

Clubs and societies are a major part of the student experience, and at LUU we have more than 300 of them for you to choose from. Joining a club or society is a brilliant way to meet like-minded people and maintain an active social life whilst also developing new interests and skills.

Enable you to get a part time job

We know that many students opt to find part time work alongside their studies,
and at LUU we have an in-house student job shop, Joblink, to help make finding a
suitable role as easy as possible.

As experts in the student job market, Joblink will help connect you with employers offering
part-time and flexible work, internships, projects and holiday jobs to help you earn as you learn.

Find out more about Joblink and explore current vacancies here.

Support you when things aren't going well

Sometimes things don’t go to plan, but LUU has a dedicated Help and Support team there for you whenever you need them. Offering independent, confidential, expert advice for free to all Leeds students, the team can help with anything from money worries to mental health difficulties - no problem is too big or small.

They’re available to help by phone, email or in person, and there’s also a 24/7 self-help resource available on the website for round-the-clock support. So remember, if it ever gets too much, we’ve got your back. All you need to do is ask.

Our Help and Support team also delivers the Health and Wellbeing Project, an initiative to encourage students to proactively look after their wellbeing. As well as putting on events such as stress management workshops and self-defence classes, they also create content for students to access at a time that suits them, including a podcast and a Medium blog.

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