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LUU Help and Support

We all need a little help now and then. Life can present challenges both big and small, and some of them appear when we least expect it. It’s really important that we can access the support we need when things go wrong, especially if it’s having an impact on how we feel and deal with our day-to-day life.

That’s why Leeds University Union has a dedicated Help and Support service to provide students with expert help and advice when they need it. We’re independent, which means that if you have a problem with the University we’ll help you, and our services are confidential - so we’ll never share your information with anyone without permission, unless there’s a risk to yourself or others.

We can support you with a wide range of issues, including problems with your landlord or flatmates, academic appeals and malpractice allegations, incidents like hate crimes or sexual assaults, as well as money struggles, where we can support students with our Emergency Hardship Fund. And if you just need someone to listen to you, we’re here for that, too.

If you’re experiencing emotional or mental health challenges, we have a referral process to a Health and Wellbeing drop in service, as well as the University’s Counselling and Wellbeing team, so please do get in touch.

It’s really easy to do so. Find us online here for 24/7 advice, email us at or find us in the foyer of the Union Building.

We can help students with pretty much everything, but here are some key areas we’ve supported students with before:

  • Living in Leeds, staying safe and any house hunting or renting problems;

  • Exam support, appeal procedures or any aspect of studying at Leeds;

  • Postgraduate and international student specific queries;

  • Budgeting advice and financial support;

  • Mental health, relationship and addiction advice.

University Counselling Service

The University also has its own services to support you when stress, emotional problems or upsetting life events mean you’re struggling to cope. These include free professional counselling, and wellbeing and mental health support through groups, workshops, single-session consultations and web-based self-help resources.

They can also help you find appropriate NHS or voluntary sector services for longer-term report, and work with those with existing serious mental health diagnoses to provide one-to-one support through a support plan. You can find out more here.

Disability Services

If you have a disability it’s important that you get in touch with the University’s Disability Services team as soon as possible (preferably before you start your course) in order to discuss your support needs and get everything in place before you arrive.

To access support you’ll need to provide current evidence of your disability or diagnosis and complete the online sign-up form here. For more information about Disability Services email, or visit their website here.


LUU Emails, systems and websites

LUU has a number of different websites tailored to different user needs and audiences. You’re currently on our Welcome Website, designed to give new students a snapshot of LUU’s services and information relevant to starting at a new university - but as time goes on you’ll want to explore our other sites too. Let us take you through them.

LUU’s main website: Our main online hub, this site will be your go-to for all LUU information throughout your time at Leeds.

Find Your Fit: Find suggestions for clubs to join based on your answers to a 60 second quiz and narrow down the options!

Club & Societies Membership/Shop: You will buy your club and society memberships here but you need to join LUU during university registration and also check out all the clubs and societies on the main LUU website.

There are also some websites you don't need now, but in case you find them....

  • Policy - If you wish to become involved in student democracy

  • Voting - When you become a member, you can vote in our elections

University IT

The University's portal, Minerva, is the main hub for information about your course and learning materials, as well as other relevant notices and information - access it here. You'll need to wait until you're fully registered with the University to get your login details.

So that you can get around the University's different IT services, they provide an FAQ hub that you can use to search for and solve problems. Alternatively you can contact their service desk. Again you'll need your login (once you've registered) to be able to access these.

Other university support

International Office

If you’re an international student, you can receive specialised guidance from the University’s international office on matters such as travel information and what to bring.

Widening Participation

The University of Leeds runs a range of ‘Widening Participation’ activities to ensure that students have the opportunity to realise their potential regardless of their background. The University runs the ‘Plus Programme’ in order to provide continuous support to students who have entered the University through specific access routes related to Widening Participation. You can find out if you’re eligible and what the programme entails here.

Financial Support

Student loans

Student funding in the UK has been designed so you don’t have to pay for your degree up front. Government funding for your time at university is available through the form of the Tuition Fee Loan and Maintenance Loan, which is to cover your living expenses. Make sure to apply for your loans as soon as possible to ensure your first payments are available at the start of term. If your loan payment is delayed, get in touch with the University’s Student Funding team who will be able to advise you. Call them on 0113 343 2007 or email

Find out more about government funding and how to apply at

If you’re taking a partial Tuition Fee Loan, please let the uni know by contacting their Student Fees team at


The University of Leeds offers a number of academic scholarships for UK,
EU and international students who have met certain criteria around their academic
achievement. Please note that most scholarships are awarded before you arrive at University, though there are some exceptions.

You can explore undergraduate scholarships here and Masters scholarships here.

Part time work

If you opt to work part time alongside their studies, there are several ways to find part time or holiday work. These include Leeds University Union’s own student job shop, Joblink, and the University’s career site, MyCareer, where you can explore internships and work placements (including part time ones to go alongside your studies), as well as full time vacancies suitable for graduates.

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