Course Registration

Registering with the University

You need to register with the University in order to officially confirm your place on your course, as well as to check the information the uni holds on you and confirm how you’ll be paying your tuition fees.

Whether you're a new or returning student you will need to complete an online registration at the start of each academic year. You’ll receive full instructions from the University about how to register, but make sure you have these details and documents on hand:

  • Your student number (this can be found on letters from the University - it is different to your UCAS number)

  • Fee payment information - for example your sponsor letter, UK bank details or evidence of support from Student Finance

  • Your address and contact details.

Later, on campus, there will also be identity and qualification checks. Find out more here - keep checking back to this page as the information will be updated as time goes on.

Paying your tuition fees

Your fees were confirmed in the offer letter you will have received from the University, and during registration you will have to indicate how you intend to pay your fees. Most students are eligible for a loan from the Government, and if you intend to take this route you should have already made your application. If you haven’t, you should do this straight away.

You can find out more about fees and funding in the welcome pack you received from the University, as well as on their website here. If you encounter any difficulties regarding money once you’ve started uni, our Help & Support team will be on hand.

Module enrolment

Now for the exciting part! Once you’ve got your University username and password, you can apply for your modules. In simple terms, your course is made up of modules (units of study - essentially mini courses on different topics) that count for a certain number of credits, that are then added up to form your degree. Most courses are made of a combination of compulsory and optional modules, and you may also have the opportunity to pick ‘discovery modules’ that aren’t related to your course. You will be automatically enrolled in your compulsory modules so don’t worry about these.

We really recommend doing this as soon as possible, as some modules can fill up quickly and students may miss out on their top choices.

All the details on how to enrol will be in your University welcome guide, or you can get more information here.

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