Coronavirus Safety

People's health and safety is our priority in everything we do during this time.

We'd highly recommend that you come into the LUU building when you arrive on campus to get a feeling for what your Union is like and what we offer.

However we're aware that things are a little different at the moment. We’ve worked hard to look after the wellbeing of our students and staff.

  • We're actively promoting handwashing and hand hygiene, and we've added extra hand sanitising points around the Union.

  • We're always rigorous about cleaning but we've increased deep cleaning and sanitisation of all areas.

  • In our shops, bars and cafés we're making sure we do everything we can to keep people safe, including social distancing measures, limiting numbers and contactless payment in all our outlets.

To ensure you're fully informed about the situation:

In the LUU building, you'll find there will be plenty of clear signage to show you which way to go in public areas, as well as hand sanitising stations which you should use regularly.

We have completed a risk assessment showing what safety measures we've taken in the building and our compliance certificate is at the bottom of this page.

Obviously only come into the LUU building if you feel confident enough doing so - but just know that we'd love you to come and say hello.


  • From 24 July and in line with Government policy, face masks or coverings must be worn to enter the Refectory and all other University catering outlets.

  • From 3 August staff and students must wear a face mask or covering in all indoor communal areas, for example, corridors and communal toilets. Usual places of work and / or study will be exempt from this, provided two metre social distancing is enforced, unless a local risk assessment identifies otherwise.

  • Washable face coverings are currently available from Security.

  • Whilst it is not mandatory, we encourage the use of face coverings outdoors where social distancing of at least two metres cannot be maintained.

  • The LUU building will reopen on 7th September

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