Clubs and Societies

At LUU, there are more than 300 clubs and societies for you to get involved with, covering a range of interests including sports, culture and volunteering.

Not only are they a brilliant way to meet people and maintain a great social life at uni, but they also offer an opportunity to build your skills and develop your CV.

Take a look at what this year’s Activities Officer Lucy has to say.

A family on campus

Joining a society gives you instant access to the people around you who share your interests - meaning it’s one of the very best ways to find like-minded friends and make meaningful connections.

Here's a showcase of videos from various different student societies, from sport to culture to performance, showing what it's like to take part and the kind of things you can get up to.

The Varsity matches between the University of Leeds and Leeds Beckett University are run every autumn and finish with the much anticipated Rugby final in October.

As well as being a great showcase for the sports teams, Varsity is a very popular spectator event among students, with tickets to the final always selling out. Not one to miss in your first term, whether you're into sport or not.

There's also a whole host of societies to help you make a home at Leeds with those who share your political or religious beliefs or your cultural identity.

Your Union runs History Months every year to celebrate marginalised communities and those with protected characteristics, and work closely with these clubs and societies to carry them out, as well as with the student Liberation Coordinators.

Find out more about LUU's political and campaigning here, and you can filter by political and cultural categories when you browse our Clubs and Socs.

Another popular yearly event is the Riley Awards, sometimes referred to as the 'LUU Oscars.' Held in the Riley Smith Theatre, the ceremony sees societies nominated for awards in various categories, with showcases by the performance societies in between. Here's Bollywood Vibes' spectacular turn from last year.

Of course there's also a whole host of music societies, so whether you're classically trained, a bedroom DJ or just want to get involved and have a bit of a sing, there's something for all tastes and ability levels.

Find Your Fit

We've developed a handy way for you to find the club or society that suits you best.

LUU's 'Find your fit' is a 60 second quiz that helps you find out which LUU society might suit you.

Try it for yourself by clicking on the image or by visiting:

Alternatively, have a browse through all 300+ on our main website.


As well as joining a club or society, all LUU members also have the opportunity to join a committee or set up their own one. Doing so comes with a number of great benefits, enabling you to build your professional, social and leadership skills, whilst also improving your wellbeing through providing a sense of achievement and purpose.

You’ll be surprised at the breadth of CV-worthy skills you develop as a committee member. From chairing meetings to planning and delivering events, or even managing the society’s accounts, there are so many experiences you’ll gain that will set you apart in future job applications. You could even win an award for your work with the club or society!

If you do decide to run to join a committee, you can rest assured that LUU’s Activities Team will provide training and support to committee members, and there’s plenty of guidance on the website to help you along your way - so you won’t be going it totally alone.

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